Michael Jackson. 'Thriller' war sein erfolgreichstes Album. - Michael Jackson. 'Thriller' was his most successful album.
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Michael Jackson Another part of me Epic 652.844 Si NL 87 NM wie neu ab Fabrik 15
Michael Jackson Bad Epic 651-100 Si NL 1987 NM   15
Michael Jackson Beat it Epic EPCA 3184 Si NL 82 EX+   15
Michael Jackson Billie Jean Epic A-3084 Si NL 82 NM   15
Michael Jackson Black or White Epic 657598 Si NL 91 NM   15
Jacksons Can you feel it Epic 9554 Si NL 81 AAA   15
Michael Jackson Dirty Diana Epic 651246  Si NL 87 NM   *
 Michael Jackson Don't stop till you get enough Epic 7363 Si NL 79  NM   *
Michael Jackson Human nature Epic 3681 Si NL 83 NM   15
 Michael Jackson In the closet / Epic 657934 Si NL 92 NM   15
Michael Jackson I just can't stop loving you Epic 650 202-7 Si NL 87 NM   15
Jacksons Keep on Dancing (part 1+2)  Epic EPC 5349 Si NL 77 EX++ /VG+ Bildhülle mit Gebrauchsspuren 12
Michael Jackson Leave me alone Epic 654.67152 Si NL 89  EX/NM   *
Michael Jackson Man in the Mirror Epic 651.388 Si NL 87 EX/NM   *
Michael Jackson Remember the Time Epic 657.774 Si NL 88 NM   *
Michael Jackson Rockin' Robin / Love is here and now you're gone Tamla Motown 1C006 83326  Si  D 72  VG+/NM Original 1972 with picture sleeve (Original-Bildhülle (VG/NM)  15
Michael Jackson + Paul McCartney Say Say Say  Odeon 1C006-165.2527  Si  D 83 1+   15
 Jacksons Show you the way to go / Blues away Epic5266 Si NL 77 AAA Original 1977 Erstausgabe im Neuzustand 20
Jacksons (Duet von Mick Jagger + Michael Jackson!) State of Shock Epic A-4431 Si  NL 84 NM/EX++   15
Michael Jackson + Paul McCartney The Girl is Mine epic A 2729 Si NL 82 NM Wie neu ab Fabrik 15
Michael Jackson The way you make me feel Epic 651275 Si NL 87 NM   15
VA We are the world CBS A 6112 Si D 85 EX/NM   15
 Michael Jackson Who is it? / Rock with you Epic 658179 Si NL 92 NM   15
Michael Jackson Will you be there? Ekpic 659.222 Si NL 91 NM   15
 Record / Sleeve Gradings (vinyl first, then sleeve):

NM (Near Mint) = New or as new.  No or hardly any visual wear and/or noise.

EX (Excellent) = Excellent used condition. Sounds excellent with perhaps a bit noise in the run-in grooves or during quiet sections. Vinyl surface may show slight to moderate wear.

VG+ (Very Good Plus) = Good used condition.  Slight to moderate noise can be heard here and there, slight or moderate tics, pops are also possible here and there. Vinyl surface may show stronger signs of use.  If there is slight noise throughout which can hardly be heard at treble value zero, this will also be graded as VG+.

VG (Very Good) = Used condition. Slight to moderate noise can be heard throughout the record or in large portions of the record. Still a nice-sounding record. Tics and pops may be present here and there.  NO SKIPS, NO REPEATS, NO LOUD SCRATCH POPS, NO WARPS, NO DEEP SCRATCHES.

G (Good) = Heavily used condition.. I don't know why they call this grade "good", because it is actually a lot less than good. Clearly audible noise and crackling, with pops and tics and even a small deep scratch But even this record can be listened to without problems. A skip or two may be present, but NO STICK. Warps that cannot be heard on our audio system may be present.

F (Fair). Bad condition. Record crackles heavily, deep scratches may be present, skips and even sticks and warps. An archive copy (certain songs may be perfectly alright), but not an enjoyment to listen to in its entirety.

An (*) asterisk in the space for the price means: this item is currently not available.

Ein (*) Sternchen im Preis-Feld bedeutet: dieser Artikel ist zur Zeit nicht erhältlich.

Un (*) au lieu d'un prix veut dire que cet article n'est pas disponible à ce moment.

Un (*) asterisco significa: questo articolo non è attualmente disponibile.

Un (*) asterisco significa: este artículo no está actualmente disponible.

Um (*) asterisco significa: este artigo não está atualmente disponível.  

(SFR = Swiss Franc)  - Alle Preise in SFR / all prices are in Swiss francs



Still the one - still the best!
"There will never be another one like you"

Vinyl + MC

Michael 3
Michael Jackson. Er schrieb den Song 'We are the world' 1985 zusammen mit Lionel Ritchie. Das Hilfsprojekt USA for AFRICA wurde von zahllosen Musikern der Branche unterstützt.
Michale Jackson Vinyl LP 'Got to be there'. Thank you, Michael, for everything you gave us.
"Bad" picture disc
Moonwalker SEGA video

Michael Jackson. 'Billie Jean' mein Lieblingssong von ihm. 'Billie Jean' is my favorite Midchael Jackson song.
We stock a large number of Michael jackson vinyl records, both rare Michael Jackson LP record albums and 7-inch singles and twelve inch maxis.
Doors schallplatten Raritäten Online. Rare Doors vinyl records vinyl online shop.
Michael Jackson. 'Off the Wall' war zweifellos sein bestes Album. Hier die Vinyl LP seines epochemachenden Grosserfolgs. - Michael Jackson. 'Off the Wall' undoubtedly is his best album. Here the vinyl LP of this blockbuster.




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"Was die Welt
braucht, sind ein
paar verrückte
Leute. Seht euch
bloss an, wohin uns
die 'Normalen'
gebracht haben."

- George Bernard Shaw

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